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  • Election Voting Machine

    The Election of Candidates System is developing in C programming language, Election of Candidates is based on the concept of recording Election details. This whole system is in the C language. This project shows the working principle, vote counting, and percentage calculation. There’s no login system for the admin section.

    About the System

    The Election of Candidates System was developed in a simple console application, This system is based on a concept to provide information on vote counting, cast vote, and other features. Allows us to set up a flexible and trustworthy voting system. Applicable for large as well as small groups of people e.g. a batch, a class. This whole Election of Candidates System is developed using C Programming Language and different variables, strings, and file-handling functions like fopen, fread, fwrite, ..etc. have been used for the development of it. Election Voting Machine System in C Programming is free to download with source code.

    Key Features of the Election Voting Machine

    1. Cast the Vote

      This feature lets users engage in a simulated election by choosing their preferred candidate or expressing dissatisfaction with all by selecting “None of These.”

    2. Find Vote Count

      This functionality specifically displays the vote count for each candidate, including “Spoiled Votes,” which keeps track of votes that are invalid or spoiled.

    3. Find Leading Candidate

      The “find leading candidate” feature identifies the candidate with the most votes and displays their name as the leading candidate.

    4. Exit

      The provided Election Voting Machine code implements the “exit” feature as part of the main menu. When a user selects option ‘0’ from the main menu. So, this allows the user to exit the program and close the hospital management system.



    Project Installation

    To begin with the Election Voting Machine, follow these installation steps:

    Step-1: Download the project files as a ZIP archive.

    Step-2: Extract the ZIP file to a location of your choice on your computer.

    Step-3: Open the extracted folder to access the project files.

    Step-4: Inside the folder, locate the .c file. This is the main source code file for the project.

    Step-5: Open the .c file using a suitable Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports C programming, such as Visual Studio Code or any other C-compatible IDE.

    Step-6: Once the file is open in your IDE, you can compile and run the project by clicking the “Build” and “Run” buttons.

    Please note that while you can explore and use the code as a valuable learning resource, it’s essential to understand and implement it in a way that aligns with your specific project requirements. Avoid direct copying and pasting of the code for your project, as the real value lies in the knowledge gained through the process of building it yourself.


    In conclusion, election voting machines have revolutionized elections with efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and accessibility. Overall, C programming enables developers to build reliable and secure machines meeting high standards.

    Throughout this blog post, we have explored the benefits and features of election voting machines, as well as the considerations that need to be taken into account when developing them using C. These machines enhance democracy, thus making every vote count efficiently and inclusively.

    Download the project today, and take a step toward a more efficient Election Voting Machine. 
    Happy coding!!