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Monkey App


Nowadays, video chatting with strangers is becoming popular among teens. After Omegle shut down, various alternative video chatting platforms rolled out. One such incredibly popular video chatting app is Monkey App. 

Monkey App is a random video chatting platform where users can video chat with strangers. It’s a better alternative to other video chat platforms like Omegle because of its unique features, attractive interface, and immersive experience. However, it’s an addictive chat app that affects teens and makes parents worry more about their kids. 

So, if Monkey App is new to you and you want to know whether it’s safe or not, then this guide will help you. Here, we will go over an in-depth review of this App, its features, how it works, its pros and cons, and whether it is safe for kids. Let’s find out!

What is a Monkey App?

Monkey App is an innovative random video chat app where users can video chat with strangers worldwide. It’s a unique app that is popular for its unique functionalities and approach to connecting with strangers. Unlike Omegle, where users can only connect with strangers, this App tries to connect with strangers that match their personality and interests. 

Also, users can select the purpose of video chatting with strangers on the app, such as seeking new friendships or romantic chats, and based on the purpose, the Monkey App connects with more suitable strangers to do similar talks. 

However, it allows you to connect only for 15 seconds to connect with strangers, but users have the option to stay with that person for longer if the vibe matches; otherwise, it will automatically connect with another stranger. Users can text and have conversations later. 

Monkey App was created by teens, and it’s popularly known as a fast dating app for strangers. It also has some features like sharing stories, filters, card swiping, group video chat, etc. It’s a feature-rich video chatting platform that is quickly popular among young adults.

Top Features of Monkey App

Here are some key features that make this App stand out from others:

1. Live Video Chat with Strangers

This app allows you to chat live with strangers. You have the opportunity to meet with new people worldwide and learn more about their backgrounds.

2. Duo Video Chat

Another useful feature of the Monkey App is Duo, which allows you to make group video calls with a pair of friends or existing connections that you’ve matched. It’s a fun thing to connect with a group of people using the Duo option and explore the world.

3. Profiles and Moments

On the App, you can set up your profile with basic details, bio, username, DOB, and zodiac sign, and share your moments like Instagram. Filling the right information about your profile helps you connect with similar personalities.

4. Knock Knocks: Text-based Chatting

Monkey App is a random video chatting platform that has text-based chatting options as well. It allows users to see the profile of the person, and you can send a text to start a conversation by sending a request to chat as “Knock-knock.”

5. Swipe-based Navigation

You also have the option to see the profiles with a Swipe-based navigation option to find similar personalities and connect with them as per your interest.

6. Interests and Filters

One unique feature of the App that makes it stand out from others is the interest and filter option. When you can do random video chat, you have the option to select the interest and filter to only connect with like-minded strangers for engaging conversations.

7. Virtual Masks and Effects

It also has a virtual mask and effect feature, which you can use during the live video chat to put filters on your face for fun and entertainment.

8. Language Translation

If a different language is a barrier for you, then Monkey App breaks it. It has a built-in language translation app that allows users to communicate easily with other strangers who speak different languages.

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Pros and Cons of Monkey App.

Here are some pros and cons:


  • Video chat with like-minded people worldwide
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-end security
  • Built-in language translation
  • Virtual masks and effects


  • Lack of control over matches
  • Required high internet connection
  • Risky content

Is the Monkey app safe for kids?

Monkey App is unsafe for kids because it has sloppy age verification policies and harmful sexual content, which makes it unsafe for kids. Monkey App has privacy concerns, which will not keep the kids safe online. It also encourages kids to buy the premium subscription to connect with more random friends.

How does the Monkey app work?

Monkey App is the fastest, easiest, and simplest platform for users to connect with strangers and have video chats. You can simply create a profile on the Monkey App by filling in the information; now, you can start connecting with random strangers who are similar to your personality as per the information you entered. 

Once you connect with a stranger on a video call, you’ve 15 seconds to decide whether to continue with the same or switch to a new stranger. You can click on ‘Next’ for a new stranger or click on ‘Time’ to stay with the same person for further discussion. Also, it has a premium plan that comes with some advanced features like Group video chat, text chatting, matches with filters, etc.

Wrapping Up!

That’s all about the Monkey App, it’s a popular app for young adults to connect with strangers over video chat and explore different personalities worldwide. However, it’s unsafe for children due to risky content and lack of privacy. So, parents must be aware of these risky video chatting apps to protect their kids. We hope this guide will help you know everything about Monkey App, its features, pros and cons, and whether it’s safe or not to use it.


Is Monkey available for both Android and iOS devices?

The Monkey App is available for Android devices and desktops but removed from iOS devices. You can go to the Google Play store or the official website to download the app as per your device.

How to extend a video chat in the Monkey App?

If you want to extend a chat with a stranger on the Monkey App, then you have an option to click on the Time button. It will automatically extend your video chat with that person.

What do people use a monkey app for?

Most teenagers and young adults use the Monkey App to connect with strangers worldwide and have video chats.